Service Schedule

Sunday 9 am Online Holy Eucharist on Zoom (later posted to Facebook)

Sunday 10 am Holy Eucharist Rite II - in person

As the CDC, PA Dept. of Health, and local health providers have moved Venango County to the MEDIUM Covid-19 community level, St. John's:

  • recommends (but does not mandate) that masks be worn indoors.
  • asks that anyone with close contact with anyone who has tested positive within ten (10) days please wear a mask in order to not unknowingly infect someone else.
  • asks that if you are showing symptoms (cough, dizziness, fever, headache, loss of smell or taste, etc.), please be tested before coming into contact with others.

Following the directions of our bishop, and complying with the recommendations of public health experts, we invite all to use their best judgement when joining in fellowship and worship. If you are well, and have taken the proper steps to protect yourself and others, you are welcome to be at St. John's without mask. Likewise, if you are uncomfortable, you may wear a mask to protect yourself and others. If you are immunocompromised or vulnerable, we recommend that you wear a mask. And as always, if you do not feel well or show symptoms of an infection that is easily transmittable, please protect others and wait to join us until you are feeling well.

At Home Worship

There are many ways to worship God together and apart. 

If you have a Book of Common Prayer, read Morning Prayer (found on page 79) or the Daily Devotions (on page 136).

The whole Book of Common Prayer can be found online at

The Lectionary can be found at

Mission St. Clare has everything for Daily Morning and Evening Prayer on their website.

Also, this document can help you find some ways to pray at home if you don't have a Book of Common Prayer.