Welcome Visitors!

We hope you will visit St. John's!

Our Sunday morning services are at 8:00 am and 10:00 am. 

The 8:00 am service is our BCP Rite I service in our chapel. This service is characterized by older language, no music, and a smaller, more initmate space. 

The 10:00 am service is our BCP Rite II service in the main sanctuary. This service is characterized by organ music from the Hymnal 1982, the beautiful Tiffany Windows, and more children. Coffee hour happens after this service, where we join together with the members of Grace Lutheran Church for delectables provided by different volunteers.

We have a parking lot on Buffalo Street, across from the church itself. Buffalo Street is one way on our block, so the approach is from Eleventh Street. 

People come to church at St. John's in all sorts of dress styles. Wear something you're comfortable in and you'll have a better experience. 

We look forward to seeing you at St. John's!

Worship Together

St. John's is a whole lot more than just a worshiping community. We offer programs and services to the neighborhood, community, and the world. As such, we have a time during our service for a monetary donation. We don't expect visitors to donate, and we thank all those who do. 

If you visit and you like what you see, we have communication cards in the back of the church and in the Parish Hall. Filling out a card and giving it to a member will let us know that you want to receive our weekly email newsletters and/or have someone contact you.

We hope you feel welcomed here.